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Barasa Wabomba, Lead Occupational Therapist at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust (Acute)
Barasa Wabomba, Lead Occupational Therapist at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust (Acute)
Written by Vicki Morgan
Updated over a week ago

How do your teams use Pando?

Pando has almost entirely replaced bleeps in our department.

On a normal day, I support 7-8 wards, but if my band 7 colleagues are off, that number can triple. Thanks to Pando, I can support my colleagues remotely without physically needing to go to a ward. This saves me a lot of time, and means that I can support more therapists.

Colleagues can contact me for advice, even when they are in the community. They send me photos of home environments and ask about the suitability of certain types of equipment. Or if they encounter a situation that they are unfamiliar with, I can immediately give them advice.

Pando enables me to quickly pull more resources in to the wards that need them most. I can send a message, “we need OTs to support in Ortho” or “we need OT & physio input for this task”. That helps us to manage workload.

Pando has given us a convenient way to communicate with our Weekend Therapy Team. Some of them don’t work in our Trust during the week. In the past, we had to phone them, because we couldn’t bleep someone who wasn’t on site. Now that they’re all in a team on Pando, we can easily send them a handover on the app.

Do you use Pando to communicate with any other teams?

If a patient in another service (e.g. intermediate care) needs admission, or if someone needs a rehab bed, an update can be sent to the relevant team. Before Pando, we had to fill in paperwork and then fax it. Even when we moved over to e-mail, people often weren’t at a computer, and we couldn’t tell if they had received our email yet. Now the process is much quicker.

In what way has Pando improved the care you can deliver for patients?

Using Pando, my teams are more efficient. We see patients quicker, make decisions quicker, and see more people.

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