Hello! Tell us about yourself and how you use Pando.

I’m currently on a surgical ward rotation and I use Pando on a daily basis. It makes handing over patients a lot easier and I get the information I need quicker.

Before Pando, we used WhatsApp groups. But because we weren’t allowed to share confidential patient information, we often had to bleep each other or have a face-to-face conversation instead. Now the whole MDT is in a team on Pando. There are a few part-time staff in our team, so this has really improved our communication - especially handovers.

What’s it like using Pando on rotation?

Some teams use Pando more than others. It definitely works better when the whole team is on the app.

I’m still part of Pando teams from my previous rotations. That's been very useful when I've needed advice. For example, I messaged a previous team asking how to refer to a frailty clinic, which saved me the time I would have spent phoning around.

How else has Pando saved you time?

Sometimes, you see a handover message on Pando that tells you that another ward is very busy. Instead of going to ask them what help they need, you already know what you can do. Maybe you can help them with their patients or go through their caseload.

When I worked in A&E, Pando saved us a lot of time on handovers. Before Pando, the therapist attending ward round gave a verbal handover to everyone. Using Pando to hand over freed us up and saved us all time.

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