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How do I set my availability?
How do I set my availability?

Using Pando's Availability Toggle

Written by Vicki Morgan
Updated over a week ago

The Pando availability toggle allows you to set your availability status to Available or Unavailable. This makes it even easier to identify who's working and allows you to maintain a healthy work life balance.

Setting yourself to unavailable will stop you from receiving notifications from Pando, so when you're not working you can switch off. Your user icon will appear orange to other users letting them know you're not available.

How do I change my availability status?

From the app home page:

  • Click the toggle in the top right corner

  • When marking yourself unavailable, you can choose not to be disturbed for 1 hour, 48 hours, indefinitely or for a custom time frame

The colour of each user’s icon on the directory highlights their availability status.

🟢 Green = Available; 🟠 Orange = Unavailable

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