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Do I need to get consent to use Pando?
Do I need to get consent to use Pando?
Written by Vicki Morgan
Updated over a week ago

In the UK, a clinician doesn’t need to get explicit consent from each patient to use Pando as part of patient care. This is because direct care has its own legal pathway in terms of data processing according to the data protection laws in the UK. 

You must always follow the guidelines that are issued by the IG department at your workplace when you use Pando, especially when it comes to consent around patient data and photos.  You must always gain consent before taking and sharing a photo of a patient, then document this in the patient record in the usual way.

As a rule of thumb we advise that you treat Pando how you would your secure work (NHS) email, or a digital camera. It’s handling and accessing data via your smartphone, but the principles you work by are the same.

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