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Is Pando only for clinical staff?
Is Pando only for clinical staff?

Pando connects all staff to enable secure clinical messaging

Written by Vicki Morgan
Updated over a week ago

Pando was created for professionals that look after others. Pando was designed by doctors as a secure instant messaging tool and collaboration platform, enabling healthcare workers to safely discuss patient details with the appropriate security in place. To read more about security, click here.

However, we know that it is not only clinical staff who deal with patient identifiable information. Many clinical teams have found that having non-clinical staff including administrators, porters and managers on Pando has improved overall communication and patient care.

Pando may also be helpful for others working in teams and communicating sensitive information, such as emergency services, local governments, social care organisations, charities and educational institutions. If you think your team or organisation would benefit from Pando, get in touch here:

How do I download Pando?

Download Pando today and get your time back. Our evaluations show that Pando saves health professionals 30-60 minutes each shift.

Please see our help article here for more information on getting started!


If you have any questions or require support, then please get in touch or on our website's live chat πŸ‘‰

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