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My organisation doesn’t have an NHS email
My organisation doesn’t have an NHS email
Written by Vicki Morgan
Updated over a week ago

The Pando NHS network is only accessible by whitelisted domains recognised as those of NHS Trusts or NHS Organisations.

The emails that are currently accepted are:

  • email addresses

  • Trust domains:

In order to complete the 2-step authentication process, you must have access to the secure NHS email account where you will receive an authentication link that will activate your account.

What about if you are not an NHS organisation?

Please get in touch and we can discuss setting up a private network for you. This would have the following benefits:

  • Bespoke directory for your organisation’s network

  • Held separately to our current NHS network

  • Full audit trail 

  • Organisation dashboard with data analytics

  • Bespoke interoperability with existing systems

To discuss this further, please email and we can discuss this further with you. We can also set up an account for you on our Test Hospital Network so that you can preview the Pando functionality.

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