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What if my email address changes?
What if my email address changes?
Written by Vicki Morgan
Updated over a week ago

The email authentication requires an NHS approved domain. This can either be an account or an NHS Trust domain.

If you move hospitals and your email address changes, we advise you create a new account linked to your new email domain.

If I change hospitals can I leave it logged in on my old email?

The benefit to using an email account is that its generic nature means that when you move hospitals, your email doesn’t change. 

The secure NHS email is used to authenticate your access to Pando so once logged in the app is protected by your pin code and you do not need to re-authenticate unless you sign out. With proof of identity, Pando can also re-authenticate your access, so if you have vital information within the app then get in touch. We can either change the account that you are registered with, or re-authenticate your access.

If you have any problems, including a lost phone/device, then please get in touch and we can delete your account remotely:

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