What is a Team?

A Team is a group of you and your colleagues. These may be people you interact with regularly and need to stay in constant communication with, whether you are working beside them or in different organisations.

When should I create a Team?

Members of the Team are able to control who is added/removed from the team so you should create a team when you are looking to message a specific group of users. As you can control the members of the Team, you will be able to share patient details within your messages including photos and patient cards.

Not sure how to create a Team? See our help article here.

What is a Forum?

A Forum is open for anyone within your network to search and join, including users outside of your organisation. They can be used to discuss best practices, ideas, research and more with users within your organisation and beyond!

When should I create a Forum?

Because Forums are open to all, you may want to create one when looking to start a discussion or to get information to a large group of users quickly.

Please note: As Forums are open to all, patient details should not be shared on Forums.

Not sure how to create a Forum? See our help article here.

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