We all need advice or a second opinion sometimes, but it can be hard to know who is the right person to ask or how to contact them. This is where Pando's Ask Advice Teams step in.

What is an Ask Advice Team?

Ask Advice Teams are an easy way to get the best help from your colleagues across the NHS or your organisation! They have been set up by the members of the team to openly receive advice requests.

Whether you need help to answer a question or want to learn more about another profession or specialty, the Ask Advice Teams are quick and easy to use!

Please see the following help articles for more information on requesting and providing advice through Pando's Ask Advice feature.

*Important notice*
Pando’s Ask Advice is now a premium, paid-for feature. If you or your team are using Ask Advice at the moment, please get in contact with us so we can continue providing it to you. We don’t want to leave you without a service you rely on!

If you have any questions or require support, please get in touch with us at
support@hellopando.com or via our live chat 👉

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