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What happens if I change my phone?
What happens if I change my phone?
Written by Vicki Morgan
Updated over a week ago

If you get a new phone, congrats! No need to panic, you can still use Pando, even if you’ve switched phone type (I.e. Apple to Android or vice versa)! Due to the fact that no information is permanently held on the device, this means that you can access all your messages, teams and tasks by simply logging into your Pando account on your new phone.

Simply download Pando from the app, or play store! You will be asked to re-activate your account by providing a verification code that will be sent to your work email address and then create a new pin. Be sure to enter the same email address as was previously associated with your account to ensure that a duplicate account isn’t created.

If you are changing phones due to losing your previous phone and would like us to remotely wipe your account then please message

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