What to do if you are experiencing an issue on Pando

Written by Vicki Morgan
Updated over a week ago

If you are having an issue with your app, please first try updating!

We regularly update the Pando app with fixes and feature enhancements, so it's important to keep checking for updates or keep auto-updates turned on.

You've updated, but the issue is still happening...

Sometimes, we are unaware of a new issue you may be experiencing and we will need you to bring it to our attention so we can get it sorted ASAP. If this is the case, we need a little bit of information from you so we can investigate further. When you get in touch with us please provide us with the following details to help us resolve the issue as efficiently as possible:

  1. Brief history of the issue - What exactly is occurring, when did it start etc.

  2. Are you using mobile data or hospital wifi or both?

  3. Are you using IOS or Android? Which versions?

  4. What version of the Pando app are you using? (This can be found at the bottom of Pando's Settings)

  5. Send us a screenshot of the issue if possible

If you require support troubleshooting, then please get in touch, or on our website's live chat πŸ‘‰
​Please ensure to provide the information stated above!

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