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How can I share a file with a colleague using Pando?
How can I share a file with a colleague using Pando?

Need to share a document with your colleague on Pando? Here's how!*

Written by Vicki Morgan
Updated over a week ago

Sharing a file

We've made it super easy to share files with your colleagues using Pando!

Here's how to share a file into a Pando chat:

  1. Open your file in your email or files folder.

  2. Tap on the sharing icon (see image below)

  3. Select Pando within the sharing options

  4. Find the colleague or team you'd like to send the file to and tap the '+' next to their name

  5. Once you've selected everyone, tap share/send in the top right corner

Sharing icon on iOS (left) and Android (right)

Your file will then be shared within the chats you have selected where you and your recipients will be able to view the documents.

On iOS, you can also share a file directly within a chat by clicking on the files icon and selecting the file you'd like to send.

*Please note: this feature is currently in beta. We will continue to make improvements to it in future releases, so please let us know your feedback!

What file types are supported?

We currently support PDF and Docx file types being shared via Pando.

As we look to support more file types we're keen to hear the types you need! Please let us know by dropping us an email at, or via our website's live chat πŸ‘‰

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