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How can I export a Patient Card/List?
How can I export a Patient Card/List?

Need to transfer information from a Patient Card to the Patient Record (or EPR)? Here's how!

Written by Vicki Morgan
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Exporting a Patient Card to your work email

You can easily send the information on a Patient Card in Pando to your work email address. Included will be the task list, notes and patient information, with any images included as attachments.

In order to do so, simply tap into the patient card you would like to export. To export the image on iOS simply click on the envelope icon in the bottom left corner. To export the patient card on Android, click on the email icon at the top of the patient list.

Using Pando's Web App?

If you are a desktop user, you can simply a Patient Card by clicking the Export to My Email button:

Need to transfer the information to the patient record?

Once the Patient Card is in your Inbox you can simply print the email, or save it as a PDF and attach it to the patient record or EPR.

For more guidance on how to use Patient Cards, please see our help article here.

If you have any questions or require support, then please get in touch or on our website's live chat πŸ‘‰

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