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Can I send photos on Pando?
Can I send photos on Pando?
Written by Vicki Morgan
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Yes, you can send photos on Pando. These photos are handled within the app only and none of the photographs you take or send will be stored on your mobile device. The images are held on Pando’s servers, with a local copy held securely in your app, which is accessible when you are logged in to Pando. 

Any images taken with Pando for the purpose of clinical care must be exported and stored in the clinical records (e.g. a photo of a pressure ulcer). Conversely, exporting photos of ECGs and X- Rays is not essential, as the original will already be a part of the clinical record.

There are three ways that you can use to share images on Pando.

How do I send photos within my message stream?

When in a conversation thread, you can easily take and send a photograph to your colleague or team, or select a photo to share from your Gallery.

  • If you are an Android user you can send a photograph by clicking the green '+' sign to the left of the message bar and clicking ‘Take a photo’. If you wish to share a photo you've already taken on Pando, simply select 'Share a Gallery photo'.

  • If you are an iOS user simply press the camera icon at the bottom left of your message screen. You will also have the option to share an image from your gallery by pressing the landscape icon.

This can be useful if you need a rapid clinical opinion: for example wound assessment, or localised rash.

If you are viewing a photo within your Gallery and wish to share it within a direct message or team chat, simply click the chat icon when viewing the image and select the person or team you wish to share it with.

Can I send photos as part of Pando's Patient Cards feature?

You can store images under ‘Files’ on the patient card. The patient card can be sent to colleagues in a message thread which will include all the patient information, tasks and all photographs taken and attached to the patient card.

This option tends to be better if you want to compare photographs over a period of time or if you want to refer back to the photos quickly at a later stage.

Can I send an image to my work email?

You may need to export an image out of Pando to upload to your Electronic Patient Record or share with a colleague outside of your Pando network. To do this, you can simply send the image to the work email associated with your Pando account.

Do you prefer a visual step by step explanation for using our camera feature on iOS device?

If you have any problems taking a photograph, check your settings to ensure that you have granted access for Pando to use the camera on your device. If you are having further problems, please get in touch with us either by telephone or email at and we can sort this out with you.

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